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  • Can someone make this nonsense stop?? A lady, calls herself, Jessica Gamble, much like the one below, calls me everyday, and asks for a man named Matt. Leaves me voicemail's that she is having his baby, and she is going to go nuts if he doesn't call her. She states in the messages that she isn't fat anymore, just a belly from the baby. I have attempted to call her back and tell her she has the wrong number, but, no answer. PLEASE JESSICA GAMBLE, I AM NOT MATT, AND DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANYMORE OF YOUR SAP STORIES. Apparantley, neither does he.

  • The person who owns this cell phone number is dangerous and threatening. Please do not respond to any texts or calls from this number.

  • Caller claimed to be the IRS trying to contact me to file suit against me.

  • This was a text message on my cell phone which said: You can mail my Starbucks card. Whatever happened to that. It was sent March 28th at 9pm

  • This one one of dozens of numbers that continually harass me about an online degree inquiry I never made. Repeated demands to be removed from their calling lists go unanswered.

  • The text messages and phone calls were from a horny 17 year old girl looking for a friend to hang out with. Her, and her girlfriend, were bored and wanted to hang out with whoever answered their horny calls.

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  • That was truly helpful/insightful information regarding, apparently, the same - "425" - number that has suddenly started calling me. (A rare occasion where the "Comment" section was unexpectedly and relevantly helpful.)

  • i really need this numbers owner asap